Recent Articles on Buddhist Information of North America

Guide to Prostrations

Prostrations By Lama Gendyn Rinpoche Why do we do Prostrations? 1.The Purification of Pride First of all, we should know why we do prostrations. We do not do them to endear ourselves to somebody else. We do not do them for the Buddha. Such concepts are completely wrong. The Buddha is not a god of this world. We bow down to purify all situations from the past where we did not respect others. read more »

The Sutra Of Innumerable Meanings

  “In Forty years and more, the truth has not been revealed yet.”   Chapter I Virtues   Thus Have I Heard. Once the Buddha was staying at the city of royal palaces on mount Grdhrakuta with a great assemblage of great Bhikkhus, in all twelve thousand. There were eighty thousand Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas. read more »

The Agganna Sutta

The Agganna Sutta On Knowledge of Beginnings   Thus have I heard. Once the Lord was staying at Savatthi, at the mansion of Migara’s mother in the East Park. And at that time Vasettha and Bharadvaja were living among the monks, hoping to become monks themselves. And in the evening, the Lord rose from his secluded meditation and came out of the mansion, and started walking up and down in its shade. read more »

Purification of the Buddha-Field

VIMALAKIRTI NIRDESA SUTRA Translated by Robert A. F. Thurman   1. Purification of the Buddha-Field Reverence to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Aryasravakas, and Pratyekabuddhas, in the past, the present, and the future. Thus have I heard: At one time the Lord Buddha was in residence in the garden of Amrapali, in the city of Vaisali, attended by a great gathering. read more »

The Vajracchedika Prajna Paramita Sutra

(The Diamond Sutra)  This is what I heard one time when the Buddha was staying in the monastery in Anathapindika's park in the Jeta Grove near Shravasti with a community of 1,250 Bhikshus, fully ordained monks. That day, when it was time to make the round for alms, the Buddha put on his sanghati robe and, holding his bowl, went into the city of Shravasti to seek alms food, going from house to house. read more »

The Amitabha Sutra

The Amitabha Sutra  Translated into Chinese by Tripitaka Master Kumarajiva Translated from Chinese into English by J.C. Cleary  Thus have I heard:  Once Buddha was in the land of Shravasti, in the garden of Jeta and Anathapindika. He was accompanied by twelve hundred and fifty great Bhikshus, all of them great Arhats, well known to the assembly. read more »

The Lankavatara Sutra

Chapter I Discrimination Thus have I heard: The Blessed One once appeared in the Castle of Lanka, which is on the summit of Mt. Malaya in the midst of the great Ocean. A great many Bodhisattvas-Mahasattvas had miraculously assembled from all the Buddha-lands, and a large number of Bhikshus were gathered there. The Bodhisattvas-Mahasattvas with Mahamati at their head were all perfect masters of the various Samádhis, the tenfold Self-mastery, the ten Powers, and the six Psychic Faculties. read more »

The Buddhist Attitude to God

By Dr V. A. Gunasekara   Introduction The standpoint adopted here is primarily that of Theravada Buddhism. But most of what is said will be applicable to most other Buddhist traditions. The Theravada tradition, also called the Southern school of Buddhism, is based on texts maintained in the Pali language, which are the oldest of the existing Canons of Buddhism and reputed to be the closest to the teaching of the Buddha himself. read more »